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Rod Patterson is a results-driven industry leader, who is passionate about leadership.  He has an insatiable appetite for progress and works hard at leading himself and developing team-members into self-managed, self-motivated, highly-productive leaders. 

Rod’s  core values are his “superpowers”: Integrity, Relationships, Leadership, and High Productivity. He has cultivated these superpowers over the course of his insurance career, starting with his first position as a 1st/3rd-party Auto Adjuster to VP Home Office Claims with many roles in between. The titles have changed but his core values remain the same. 

Since 1997, Rod has volunteered for the International Christian Brotherhood (ICB) and serves as an executive leader responsible for leadership development and brand expansion.  

As a leader within Seneca Insurance, subsidiary of Crum and Forster, he wears many hats well. Rod manages and oversees multiple teams within the company, including property claims and CAT Management. Rod is also a member of Crum and Forster’s Inclusivity Council and is the Executive Sponsor of the Blacks and African American ERG. 

A published author, in 2018, Rod released his first book, “Guard Your Gates: Simple Steps to High Productivity”, where he shares practical keys for success and conducts productivity workshops utilizing the principles of the Guard Your Gates system.   He is a proud Claims and Litigation Management (CLM) Fellow.  He is the irresistible husband of his wife of 29 years, Katrina, and a super-cool dad to their two children.

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